About Us

Covington sweetpotato roots

The National Sweetpotato Collaborators Group is the only forum within the United States to have a sole focus on sweetpotato based research and extension activities. This group, now comprised of university, industry, and governmental representatives from 21 states and 5 other countries, has met annually since 1939 to discuss all aspects of sweetpotato production. Examples of activities performed by the society include evaluation of new sweetpotato varieties, assessment and improvement of production practices, and investigation into disease, insect, and weed pest management issues.


Objective and Impacts

As a group, our objective is the open sharing of research-based information about all scientific fields related to sweetpotato to a diverse audience. These fields include, but are not limited to plant physiology, plant breeding, molecular biology, pathology, entomology, cultural practices, food science, and marketing. By continuing the synergy between many scientists, evidenced by the Excellence in Multi-state Research Award received in 2013, we enable the rapid dissemination of information through over 1000 publications collectively achieved by group members thus far to our stakeholders; the sweetpotato producers, shippers, and consumers.